Chow heads into 1-week break after having fun in 2nd-straight 40th-place at Las Vegas race 1 in NASCAR Heat 5 Custom Career NASCAR Cup Series Race For Your Own Team mode

Chow will be heading into the NASCAR Cup Series’ one-week break following finishing 40th for the 2nd-straight week. But wait, he ‘had fun,’ per sources,

Khalif interviewed him on November 19th. He asked Chow about his evaluations of his performance in the Pennzoil 400. Chow comments surprised him.

“I had fun at Vegas.” Chow said, “My team is still developing, but we’re getting cruci\al experience on-track, earning revenue that has undoubtedly allowed us to hire and train employees, and purchase chassis. Unfortunately, I’m going to pay the 5 point penalty at Phoenix [Raceway] for having mismatched chassis. And we’re on the fringes of failing the incentive contact right. Again, we’re gaining experience and I am confident that we’ll get t0 an 80 overall acr by October or November.”

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