Advice to NASCAR

As a NASCAR Fan, I have been disappointed with the overall changes NASCAR has enacted since 2014. The competition department further destroyed the on-track product when they added Stages before the start of the 2017 season.

NASCAR has a stark fundamental problem that caused the foundation of the core of the fan base crumble and destroy its longevity. All officials needs to converge and confer to save the integrity of the NASCAR Cup Series.

Three changes that will be welcomed by fans are shortening all seasons and stagger the order of the races on weekends and shortening the races.

  1. NASCAR needs to shorten each race by 20 to 25 percent distance.

This season started like every other and the races were equally entertaining except the first race at Las Vegas. The era when fans watch a full 400 and 500-mile races are almost completely. I’m a dedicated fans devoted to accurately review races but can’t realistically sit to watch most NASCAR Xfinity Series races. Meanwhile, the Cup Series races are either 100 or 200 miles longer in length.

Races at Dover and Michigan that were forced to be doubleheaders to maintain 36 races on the schedule because the breakout of the coronavirus cancelled races at Richmond, Sonoma, Watkins Glen, and Chicagoland completely.The tracks weren’t the best options to host doubleheaders, but the Cup Series officials shortened the races by almost 100 miles. What is races were the most exciting, entertaining in Northern motors I have seen in a while because the drivers were competing at 100 percent for the entire races.

2. The officials in each series must agree to stagger the order of starts of the seasons.

Staggering the order of the starts of a season is a unique idea that could see the Cup Series forced to their first race and move the Daytona 500 to a later date in the season. The thought of moving the “Great American Race might be an unpopular decision at first. Yet, races at Daytona [International Speedway] and Talladega [Super Speedway] have been the few of the best races of every season. If this happens, it would be the truest test to see whether races in the Soon-to-be Camping World Truck Series and NASCAR Xfinity Series can match rating of the Cup Series races.

Example 1: Trucks, Xfinity, Cup

Example 2: Trucks, Cup Xfinity

Example 3: Cup, Trucks, Xfinity

Example 4: Cup, Xfinity Trucks

*Also stagger races each week.

3. Officials must end the season around the time the NTT IndyCar Series, on the third week in September

The season should end in the third weekend of September. Fans tend to watch games in College Football and the NFL anyway. Thus, rating wouldn’t struggle so long, especially when the football seasons heat up around October 15 each season.

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