The Changing World Fall 2020 Issue

Fall Inquirer

By: Redwolf Jones

Time flies by quickly nowadays. I cannot believe that it has been almost two months since I finished my first ever summer session at College of Southern Maryland. That was my first experience doing a fully virtual class during a six-week semester, but I previously passed an entry-level English course earning a high B. Personally, I was not sure if I would like a virtual class because I thrive when classes require face-to-face interaction.  for two of my classes, they started out as lectures in person then covid – 19 hit my community, forcing schools, churches, and other public meeting areas to close. Fortunately for me, I was a returning student starting to earn my second associate of Arts degree from College of Southern Maryland. Later am I first program, I was able to experience hybrid classes but no online classes.

 I will be honest in say that as a first year college student or a student in grade school, I would have not been able to survive without human interaction. I want to give credit to and congratulate those who graduated from high school and college in the spring of 2020. although you do not realize it now, you survived the largest pandemic of our lifetime and Rose up to achieve the first or second steps to achieving your personal goals in life. You will look back  in 20 or 30 years and realize how significant the feet was to get your the plumber or your degree. for all you guys who are first-year students, you will look back in the same time and realize that you made it through your first year of elementary school, middle school, high school all College. You will feel relieved and excited that you survived through a tough year. For those who are still in school, uschool will continue to change the way you learn content will continue to evolve but you will  similarly reflect on this experience when you graduate and recognize how much dedication you had, how much Independence you showed, how much interdependence you showed, and how much are prepared you for the workforce and whatever career you are going to pursue.

 This pandemic continues to evolve and we continue to learn more each and every day. Don’t allow the negativity of the media or people on social networks to deter you from realizing your true potential. You may not know it now but as a student and as a member of society you are learning more about yourself each and every day. Personally, I’m looking forward to what I have in the future because I have a good support system. The key to life is to have a good support system, if you can’t find it at home, try to find it an other healthy places;  Such as joining communities of interest that you have, and creating friend groups for those interests. You will get through this and be a stronger person after it’s over. Hang in there and everything will work out for your good.

Published by Michael Salvagni

I am an aspiring sports journalist. I tal;k sports. Keep it here for your daily dose of breaking sporting news.

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