Changes for Heat 6

Career Mode

Add more Hot Seat Challenges. Three at first is enough. As the player progresses, however, give ho,/her the option to join a team for one or two races. This is where agents come in. Allot a certain lump some of money to the player to hire an agent to an entry level contract.

Owner Mode

Enhance Owner mode by separating the sponsors and manufactures, allowing the player to create custom team name and creating more competitive balance

Separating sponsors and manufacturers

Separating these components will allow players to select the manufacturer and sponsor he/she desires. Adding a drop down menu for the sponsors in the Off Season will give players better options.

Car customization
NASCAR Heat 5 was a basic quality of life upgrade here. The addition of spoiler and splitter colors was a welcomed change. Also, separating the number selections from the number fonts was a great idea. Have the option for the player to type in a custom number 00-99 or give him/her a drop down menu of the available numbers in each series.

In-Season and Off-Season Decisions,

It’s decision time. Do I want to join a team or start a team? Preparing for the next season should start in the middle of the previous season. Include a mid-season post-season, and pre-season press conference option.

Press conferences

First installment. Simple, easy process. Prompts of plans and a two minute pre-recorded video of the player hosting the press conference and media members asking questions.

Do I Join a Team or Start My Own?

Isn’t it the $1 million question! Players were able to start their own team starting in NASCAR Heat 3. NASCAR Heat 4 featured some major upgrades to car customization and more customization to the driver’s suit.

Contracting an Agent

The first step for the player should be hiring an Agent. The choice of five should be satisfactory. The player will need between $500 and $600 to afford this acquisition. Once this is complete, the player will proceed to the career mode.

Bring back videos from Mentors. They were very welcoming and informative. Add a button on the top tool bar named “Social”. Before the player starts the Hot Seats for the Dirt Tour, have preset messages in the players inbox from his/her mentor and agent, and a couple of competitors in the respective series.

Once the player receives his first offer, preset tweets from his/her mentor, agent and one person from each series. Regardless of the result, the social tab should have incoming messages from his/her mentor, agent, the driver he/she replaced and the car owner. In the “social” tab, allow the player to respond by choosing complement then generic responses like “Thanks”, “I appreciate it”, or “I enjoyed my opportunity; and insults like “You wrecked me”, “You raced me dirty”, or “C’mon. I thought we were friends. Why did you hit me last race?”

Car customization has improved in NASCAR Heat 5. New options like choosing Matte or Gloss paint and number customization was separated into two categories. The two categories are number and number fonts. Add the option to type a custom number between 00 and 99. There are four fonts. Keep the four choices and include the option for a custom font. A welcomed change would be moving signing a sponsor to after the player creates a custom scheme.

After the sponsor is selected, advance to the advanced paint booth where the preset design would be more aligned with the sponsor. Then, the custom livery would look sleeker. In terms of sponsor options, give the player the opportunity to get more money throughout the season. Starting the season, the sponsor the player selects should be two to three races. After the third races, give the player the option to extend a contract with his/her current sponsor or sign a new sponsor. This will make the career mode more pressure pack. Along with contract options, the incentive contracts should coincide with the performance of the team he/she joined or starting his/her own team. For a three-star team, the incentive contracts should not exceed Top-30 finishes. For four-star teams, incentive contracts should not exceed finishing 10th. Five-star teams should be expect to finish between 6th to 10th positions then transition to finishing in the Top-5.

Competitive balance needs to be improved. Three-star teams shouldn’t be quicker than 30th and Five-star teams shouldn’t shouldn’t continually struggled when players choose to play on Legend player difficulty and using Legend Difficulty AI Difficulty.

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