The Writer’s Collection July 2020 Issue

Beginning Summer I of 2020 comes to the End

Today is a historic day in my life. My first summer semester has ended.

I was skeptical at the beginning. Uncertainty overwhelmed me undoubtedly. Take a college course that is six weeks in length is an experience alone. Everything aligned for it to happen this summer.

The class I took was an English elective. I had to read one novel and submit two discussions each week. I pressure myself to earn the highest grade possible while worrying about rhe quality of my work. I’m definitely a hard worker. The limited time left no time to waste and no leeway to miss any deadlines.

I assuredly earned As and Bs on every discussions. I earned a high B on my first essay. I faltered on discussions about magical realism. When I submitted each of the two, I was aware that I’d probably earn a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade on both. I earned a combined seventy percent. I learned that I need to educate myself further on how to identify it and why it is important to writing novels.

I expected to earn a high C or low B but not teetering on the edge of an A. I’m thoroughly excited and relieved that I made it through. The grade for last assignment, Research Paper, is outstanding.

I’ve planned to transfer to University of Maryland Global Campus starting in January 2021. When I called to speak to an advisor about transferring, I was informed that the university operates by offering three eight-week mini-sessions. The experience I gained this semester was crucial in many facets. Most importantly, however, was the how to manage time associated with the accelerated course schedules.

I’ve reassured myself that I can handle the pressure of the shorter, stricter schedule. I’m ready to take on my final semester at College of Southern Maryland with a massive boost in confidence going into next semester and beyond.

Stay tuned. The August issue will be published on August 21.

Published by Michael J. Salvagni

I am an aspiring sports journalist. I tal;k sports. Keep it here for your daily dose of breaking sporting news.

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