The Interpreter Issue One

Have you ever dreamt about a loved one who recently died and it brought you to tears? Did you ever reflect on it? Did it compel you to write a poem or a song?

My beloved grandmother, my guardian angel, passed on earlier this year. It was a devastating loss. Honestly, though, she suffered with a terminal illness for two years, so I’m grateful she’s not suffering anymore.

A few minutes ago, I was woken up by a premonition of her dying in my arms, hugging me saying “I love you, son, or something similar. Then, in weird but typical fashion, she meta morphed into a kitten nuzzling against my shoulder. All of the sudden, I was holding her in my arms. Her warm body in its infancy, as a kitten.

She was nuzzling against my left shoulder. Her wide white eyes looked at mine a few times. But, she was peering over my shoulder, peering downward. My guardian angel was looking over me while I nuzzled in my bed.

I woke up almost completely in tears. I didn’t know whether to feel sad or relieved. I was curious to why this happened so much further away from when she actually died.

Alas, I was compelled to write a poem and I named it The Nuzzling Cub.

It reads:

Cub, Cub in her son’s arms

A kindered spirit

Lovable and lively

In her son’s arms

Earthly body dead and cold

In spirit, alive and well

In my arm

Nuzzling, nuzzling

Wide-eyed peering

Down at me

Safe and Loved

The nuzzling cub in her son’s arms

I’m slightly altering it.

The name now The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Abgel

It reads

Nuzzling cub in her son’s arms

Nuzzling cub in her son’s arms

A kindered spirit

Resting now on earth

Partying in Heaven

Lovable and lovely in her father’s arms

My guardian angel peering down

Watching over me protecting her cub

From the highest perch in Heaven

Looking down at me with wide eyes

I’m in her arms like when I was young

Like a kitten like a cub

Warm and Wide-eyed

In my grandmother’s arms

My grandma was like my guardian angel on earth. She still is now watching over me from in heaven. She was the mold that held us together on earth. Her spirit, kindered and pain free, sufffering no more, molds us in our hearts, from the inside out.

Published by Michael J. Salvagni

I am an aspiring sports journalist. I tal;k sports. Keep it here for your daily dose of breaking sporting news.

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