Superlative Awards: NextEra Energy Resources 250

Here are superlave awards for the NextEra Energy Resources 250 (Daytona)

  1. Xfinity P1 Award: Riley Herbst; Fin 12th
  2. Pennzoil Pace Award: Grant Enfinger (Winner)
  3. HB Hard Charger Natalie Decker (+30 pos., fin 5th)
  4. Tums Tough Break: Tyler Ankrum (-21 pos, fin 26)
  5. Royal Purple Rookie Of The Race: Derek Krauss (+12 pos.; fin. 4th)

*The Xfinity P1 Award and HB Hard Charger receive 1 point, Tums Tough Breaks loses a point, Royal Purple Royal Purple Rookie Of The Race Award winner receives 2 points, and the Pennzoil Pace Award recipient receives 5 points)

Xfinity P1 Award Standings

  1. Riley Herbst
  2. Everybody else

Pennzoil Pace Award Standings

  1. Enfinger 5 point
  2. All others 0 points

Hunt Brothers Pizza Hard Charger Award Point Standings

  1. Decker +1 point
  2. All +0

Tums Tough Break Point Standings

  1. Other drivers +0
  2. Ankrim -1 point

Royal Purple Rookie of The Rcace Point Standings

  1. Derek Kraus +2 points
  2. Others +0

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