PPG to Sponsor Keselowski in extended deal with Team Penske

Image of PPG Livery on Brad Keselowski’s #2 Ford Mustang/Team Penske
By; NASCAR Staff Report

According to NASCAR.com, PPG has renewed its sponsorship agreement with Team Penske, and will partner with Keselowski.

Here’s two reasons why this is a positive move toward Keselowski’s contract extension.

  1. The article pictured only Keselowski’s car: Sometimes, press releases can only reveal one still photograph. Since Keselowski and Blaney are in the final year of their respective contracts, it leads me to believe that the market is showing Penske that Keselowski has stronger longevity in the Cup Series than Blaney.
  2. Usually PPG sponsors more than one Cup car, but with it showing Keselowski’s car by itself, Blaney will lose one of his sponsors most likely.

Although it appears this way, Blaney could get a share since the article specified PPG’s “longstanding partnership with Team Penski (Jayski). We’ll have to wait to see whether or not Blaney is shifted out for Cindric or not.

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