Fast Facts on NASCAR’s Charter system and it probably renewal

NASCAR and its Race Team Alliance, comprised of its team owners, are close to renewing its Charter agreement.

Here’s some fast facts about the Charter system:

  1. NASCAR downsized the available qualifying slots from 43 to 40 car in 2016, per NASCAR Staff Report.
  2. Per NASCAR, 36 teams are given a Charter and can sell it or lease it once in five years, of the nine of the agreement.
  3. Four teams without Charters, referred to as “Open Teams” will complete the field on any given race weekend.
  4. A team can lose its Charter rights if it consistently finishes from 38th to 40th in the Owners Points for three consecutive years.

At first, I was not a proponent of thr system, but now, I understand why it was implemented. I still do not fully support it and probably never will. Nonetheless, I would like to see NASCAR keep the system, but raise the field size back to 43. Qualifying would mean much more that way.

In terms of the “Hard Cap”, I did not know the 4-car teams can no longer field a fifth car for an Xfinity Driver to run a limited schedule, according to the article.

NASCAR charter system fast facts and setup,, 16 February 2016. Accessed 13 February 2020.

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