NASCAR Real Time: Rating Liveries

Paint schemes have been released for the 2020 season. Liveries can be excellent, pedestrian, or poorly designed. Sponsor logos can sometimes dictate the appearance of a livery. Pictured below are some of the best, most pedestrian, and worst paint schemes of this seaon.

Top-3 Best Liveries of 2020

#1 Kurt Busch’s 2020 Gear Wrench/Monster Energy Livery; ATTN: Chip Ganassi Racing
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Last year, the Gear Wrench livery for Kurt Busch was slick, but the paint scheme is eye-catching this season. The orange-black mesh is one of my favorite combinations but the racing stripes bolster the appearance even more so. I predict Busch will win three races. He’ll repeat at Kentucky, but i’m not sure where else he’s capable ogf winning

#9 Chase Elliott Hooters Fan Vote Livery; ATTN: Hendrick Motorsports
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This scheme is the 2nd-Best scheme of 2020. Hooters has had great cars in the past but the accent the black-and-red brings makes the scheme pop out!

1B Defending Champion Kyle Busch’s newest 2020 #18 Skittles Dips Toyota Camry Livery. ATTN: Joe Gibbs Racing
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I am very biased toward Kyle Busch because he is my favorite driver. My bias ends with my affinity however. Skittles continues bringing new flavors the candy market, and who better to advertise them than the Candyman himself. This scheme is minimally “busy”, but it definitely fits his personality. Although, the brand did an amazing job with the scheme. It’ll look amazing especially at night.

1A 20 Erik Jones DeWalt 2020 Livery ATTN: Joe Gibbs Racing

Erik Jones must prove that he is capable of competing for wins and consistently finish in the Top-5 and Top-10 to stay with Joe Gibbs Racing.

Nonetheless, DeWalt finally changed livery up for this season. The silver number plate in Italics is super sleek

Honorable Mentions

#19 Martin Truex Jr. Bass Pro Livery w/ Black Number Plate ATTN: Joe Gibbs Racing

The Black and Gold racing stripe from the window net to the top of the left front wheel well pops out and the black number plate is easily noticable.

#42 Kyle Larson Advent Health Livery; ATTN: Chip Ganassi Racing
Photo By;

The Advent Health Livery looks outstanding and the white number plate pops out extremely well.

Note; Ross Chastain will be running this livery for the Daytona 500

ATTN: Spire Motorsports

13 Geico
#13 Ty Dillon GEICO Livery; ATTN: Germain Racing
Photo By:

This car looks sporty and the numbers are white instead of Dollar Bill Green.

Sometimes, plain liveries are beautiful. This scheme is extremely patriotic. Wallace’s USAF livery looks extraordinarily mean because of the snarling teeth in the front.

It’s been a while since a cimpetitor to Mobil 1 has been a sponsor. This car looks amazing. It looks like a Christmas tree with the main green and the Red stripe around the door. The associate sponsors are also more recognizable.

There are so many liveries that can be pictured in the above category. But in the next category, three made the cut.

Worst Liveries

Unfortunately, Bubba Wallace’s liveries have qualified for two categories this year. What is going on here? The dark blue looks like it was splashed on there by a wave of illadvised painters and there are way too many colors and shades of colors on his livery.

Why is the number 10 shaded green? The color choice seems out of place.

It is definitely a new sponsor, but such an euyesore. The tone of green is so Bright and they tried to add speedy looks it. The operative word is tried because their pathetic attempt of adding stripes accentuates how desperate they were for sponsorship.

Teams can nail liveries, make them look pedestrian, or completely butcher them. The images pictured above show how liveries can be attractive to look at, be questionable to see, or be a complete eyesore. Obviously, the livery depends of the sponsor.

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