Scunbrine Motorsports announces Driver/Crew Chief Lineup for BandoKarts confirms Sundquist will compete part-time in Coors Light Series in conjunction with Humphry Gilbert Racing

The CEO of Scunbrine Motorsports Steven Scunbrine announced his team’s 2020 racing plans on Friday. They go as follows:

The Defending Series Champion, Scott Sundquist will be returning to the team, His Crew Chief will be Geoffrey Guy and he’ll be piloting the #24 Scunbrine motorsports with Geofffrey Guy entry.

2019 Rookie Of The Year Callum Moroni, younger brother of Spartan Motorsports driver Kellen Moroni, will pilot the #32 entry spomsoored by Rheem and Benjamin Hartford wll bw his Crew Chief.

Lastly, on the BandoKarts side of things, 2019 Bando Jrs Champion Shawn O’Shea will be piloting the #34 sponsored by McKinley Auto Salvage, and his Crew Chief is Grance McKinley-Johnson.

As far as Sundquist’s Coors Light Series schedule goes, his first race will be on Saturday, April 19th at Asbury Park Superdome, for the Theometrics 300. He’ll be piloting the #16 Humphrey Gilbert Racing Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, sponsored by Kellogg’s, and hus Crew Chief will be Geoffrey’s older brother Thomas.

The anticipated start date for the BandoKarts series will be Wednesday, April 15, for the Springfield Nationals

Stay tuned for more breaking news about the BnadoKarts Series

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