Playoff Predictions – Sunday Games

Texans@Chiefs 3:05 PM CBS

CBS has the final AFC Divisional Playoff game of this season. Watson escaped two Bills’ pass rushers to make one of the most improbable plays I’ve seems in two season of watching NFL games comprehensively to send the Bills home last weekend. I still can’t wrap Watson’s effort and lack of follow through by the Bills in my head. According to paper, the Bills had one of the Top-5 most complete defenses. This week, the Chiefs’ defense is subpar at best, according to the analytics. Meanwhile, the difference is Pat Mahomes led the offense to be ranked in in the top 30% of the league. I predict this game will be won by the Chiefs by 13 points. The final score will be 34-21.

Seahawks@Packers 1/12, 6:40 PM EDT Fox

Russel Wilson is clutch! He has not had weapons to use throughout the season, but he finds ways to win games when the score is 8 or fewer points. I do not think he’ll be able to overcome the Packkers’ pass rush led by Preston and Za’darious. The weather in Lambeau should be cold and snowy which will benefit the Packers because the Seahawks do not bolster a formidable rushing game, unlike years past.

This game will be close, I have more confidence in Rodgers to lock in the final spot in the NFC Championship Game. The Packers will win a close one 13-6 and advance to play San Francisco on next week.

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