Kaulig Racing prepared to stellar season in 2020

Kaulig Racing is prepared to have a stat-studded season. Here’s three reasons to watch out for them in 2020.

  1. Adding Ross Chastain to line-up: Kaulig Racing already announced the addition of Ross Chastain to their line-up. Ross has the skillset equivalent to Kyle Busch, and is the defending winner at Daytona.
  2. Veteran Stability: Justin Haley returns to the #11 car for his second full year. Haley finished in the top-10 24 times and finished off the lead lao only 9 times in 33 career starts last season. I didn’t realize he was as consistent as he was. Honestly, I was more intrigued by the constant fluctuating battle between Reddick, Bell and Custer wih sprinkles of Briscoe, Cindric and Gragson up front among others.
  3. The Potential to win races: I contend that adding Chastain to a team capable of consistently nabbing finishes of 10th place or higher will challenge Haley to improve. I predict Haley’s ceiling was B- to B, as reference to driver ability, but adding Chastain has the potential to advance him as high as A-, against the Xfinity Competition only.

In conclusion, Kaulig Racing has the best opportunity to compete for a championship that it will have with Haley as the driver thus season. If one aspect falls through, Haley’s career might be in jeopardy, at least competing for an A to A+ organization in NASCAR Cup, such as Penske, Gibbs or Ganassi. I’m excited to watch the maturation and potential Justin Haley will present this season. I might very well decklare Kaulig Racing as the team I will report on the mostb in 2020. But, that will be determined subtly in my posts.

Stay tuned throughout the 2020 season for more updates.

Published by Michael J. Salvagni

I am an aspiring sports journalist. I tal;k sports. Keep it here for your daily dose of breaking sporting news.

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